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Stylish apartment in Bratislava by Studio Tolicci


This is a redesign of the original space of a two-bedroom apartment in an apartment residential complex Grunty in Bratislava (Slovakia) by Studio Tolicci.


Project Description:

Living room and hallway

The client’s requirement was to incorporate into the design the already existing kitchen cabinet, which was marked by tones of gray, white and black color. This color combination has become finally the starting color feature of the interior. Other features, which needed to be maintained were wooden floor and sofa. These requirements have been the tune out into a unique design with features that are characteristic for our style.


The central element in the whole design became the interesting textile cover (paneling on the wall) in the living room, which we decided to use due to softening and coziness of space. We tuned the room in the same color as the fabric of the seat. The client had an interest in a spirit fireplace, for which we needed to find an interesting functional and stylish location. We managed that by designing low cabinets that line the wall from the windows to the front of the sofa in an “L” shape. We have integrated the fireplace into a box in the middle of the living room area. The tall cabinet, which we hung on the wall, is in the same shade as the kitchen cabinet – in soft cream white color. At the same time, we decided to use it as a functional storage space. To the black low cabinet, we chose continuing black polished paneling from the panel behind the TV. This feature has optically extended the perspective of the TV wall and added the overall shape to the design. Next to the sofa we placed a simple bookcase on the wall, which warms up the overall design of the room and along with books it delivers the needed colors to space.


We complemented the sofa with black glossy coffee table, which with its simplicity and shape highlights the simplicity and elegance of the entire interior. We completed the softness in the design of the living room with gray carpet with middle-hair height. With its reflection, the carpet creates an interesting game of shadows in the central area of the living room.
The design of the dining room also became the part of the draft. The dining room forms a part of the living room, where we chose inexpensive furnishing features, which was another requirement of the client. Chairs with gray cloth upholstery and simple black dining table became the dominant of this part, and they link space with the surrounding area with their materials and colors.


In our design, we needed to create something that will be characteristic for this particular interior, but it will also characterize the way we work. Such feature has become a revolving wooden shades of white color. We have used them for optical separation of a dining room from the refrigerator and the rest of the kitchen. Rotary shades can be also found on the wall that connects the space between the kitchen and the hallway.
Another designed area was the hallway and entrance. We had situated a built-in wardrobe to this space while we have also succeeded in creating a room for hangers and pouf for seating in these cramped conditions. The room was interfered by visible boiler, which we, as requested by our client, effectively masked with sliding doors, which mimicked the built-in wardrobe.


We optically interconnected the whole area with lowered plasterboard ceiling structure that extends from the living room and into the hallway. It illuminates the space of the living room, the dining table and the entrance hall with a very nice effect. We chose an easy interconnecting lighting that looks simply and modern. We tuned it to light gray color with a black strip, which is characteristic for this design and is one of the favorite colors of our client.
We added to the overall earthy coloring of the interior a blue color, with which our client identified from the beginning. With the use of cushions on the sofa, small moody light and setting on the table we managed to achieve an interesting effect, which interconnected the whole design, united it and warmed it up.
Our design reflects the lifestyle of the client and his favorite colors, but in addition it looks modern and contemporary. We have created the space that not only represents our style of work, but also reflects the vision of the client to retain the original furnishing features.