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Three Homes Under One Roof


This modern suburban home located in Queens – New York is designed by O’Neill Rose Architects for a large family unit – two young couples with children and a grandparent. So behind its clear – lined and simple style facade, which coexists elegantly with the surrounding buildings, there is spacious and cleverly arranged premises that host stylish and functional interior.



The secluded back garden with its concrete partitions and wooden terraces transfuse ostentatiously into the living room on the ground floor where the rug imitating parquet and the modern light furniture continue the impression of summer garden ambiance. This light and fresh spirit can be found throughout the house – functional, modern and custom-made furniture supplemented by vital mellow colors (purple and blue, yellow and green – all in their soft tonalities) that bring joy and serenity into the interior.



modern-family- home-living-room-decor

The furniture and appliances of the house are a mixture of classic – comfort, contemporary design work, and minimalistic art. Some of the fixtures – like the lighting solutions into the kitchen or the staircase steps are design made by the architects from scrap pieces found into the client’s workshop. The minimalistic approach towards furnishing, shapes and lines in combination with some signature elements – like the wooden shades of the windows, the dark parquet in the bedrooms and the semitransparent staircase partition bring some typically Asian sensation into this contemporary home. Essentially- light, colorful and pleasant ambiance for a modern family home.