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Sunny Modern Apartment in Brazil


Sunny, modern apartment located in sunny Brazil. Remarkable in this case is the fact that the renovation carried by Felipe Rodrigues Arquiteto is to an apartment located at a Botti Rubinʼs building – a well renowned 60ts architect from the Brutalist movement.


This architectural movement that characterizes itself with raw, functional and innovative (for its time) approach towards materials, shapes, and living premises is now reviled in its original luster in the features of this renovated apartment. Striping the walls and the row concrete columns to their original construct and allowing the open plan spatial arrangements to return to their original project the architects brought back the initial charm of the space and added some refreshing elements of their own.




Using monolithic floor finishing the architects amplify the free float and continuity of spaces, the only borders become the sliding doors (transparent or with colorful shading) depending on the function and the privacy of the zones. The raw concrete box of the kitchen located in the middle of the living area can be isolated by sliding glass doors, the same goes for the nucleus arrangement of the bedroom – bathroom premise.

raw- functional-innovative





Staying true to the Brutalism strong connection with concrete the architects added some new elements from this material – like partitions, tabletops, and sinks. On the other hand the colorful lacquer panels and the shiny bespoke furniture elements in vital colors, bring such a luminosity and joy to the elegant concrete base of the apartment! The sunny yellow color base that defines the art elements and a custom-made furniture, even the lightning solutions is supplemented by some other strong color elements and adds warmth to the modern ambiance of the apartment.