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Elegant Space Created for a Young Actor


This contemporary apartment located in Sao Paulo, Brazil and designed by Felipe Hess Studio is undeniably noteworthy for its simple clear lined architecture and minimalistic approach toward furnishing and design. Created for a young actor, who lives alone, the apartment represents the free, open spaces and elegant dynamic of modern urban life.




The designers changed the original architecture of this modern apartment for its time 60ts building and after tearing all the walls down turned the social area of the apartment in one vast premise differentiated in functional zones by custom-made pieces of furniture. The space consists of living area, dining zone that stretches elegantly into kitchen and working (rehearsing) premise, thanks to the multifunctional 10 m. long wooden table. Two strong focal points are set apart, defining the space – a huge wooden table in the kitchen and the yellow tile box on the opposite end that hosts the elevator and the entrance of the apartment.






The elevator entrance hall, with its intense yellow color and smooth tile surface, contrast with the pure and calm palette of the apartment (mainly white, grey and black) and introduces an intriguing note into this modernistic premise. In spite of the very simple and precise interior of the apartment, renowned furniture design pieces can be found throughout the premises. In the living room – a Hans Wegner Ox Chair, a pair of le Corbusier armchairs and a PK table; a Muuto chair, a AJ lamp and a George Nelson can be found in the bedroom. As far as material choices go – combining massive wood structures with concrete plans in the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom – only straightens the clean and elegant sense of the space.