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Magnificent Australia Ocean House


Many challenges stood achieved the architects of this magnificent Australia ocean house when the spectacular but exposed spot was presented for the beginning of the project. Its most attractive quality – the ocean view was south orientated, fence exposed to harsh and constant south wind, insufficiency of desirable north light and if that was not enough, the site was surrounded by close proximity neighborhood buildings.


magnificent-australia-ocean-house-swimming pool

So to leave the focus on its unique location, while providing abundance of natural light inside the house, the architects from Rolf Ockert Design, constructed the house around a central void with a row of large operable skylights. The privacy problem was decided by inner courtyards arranged in elegant Japanese garden style. And the Southern walls ware made from glass – to capture the ocean view fully.





For the house modern and elegant interior the designers employed natural and well-considered color and material palettes. Harmonizing with the given natural colors of the landscape – gray and red from the rocks and blue and green from the ocean – the designers added sophisticated and unostentatious color base with vivid and dynamically fitting yellow thread. The material choices were made considering the constant salty and moist wind and the esthetics of the place, hence the material palette is natural, rich but weathered, elegant but strong- dark wood, granite, marble and raw concrete – complete the house’s contemporary interior.




 The furnishing and lightning choices are contemporary design works held in the spirit of elegant functionality. The whole project development is up to environment sensitivity standards also – natural float and ventilation, geothermal warmth, rain collector for the swimming pool’s and other not fresh water needs and so on. On and all the magnificent, clear lined project, that captures not only the modern trends in design but also the classic beauty of the natural landscape.  Photographs: Sharrin Rees