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Brazilian Holiday Home by Bernardes Arquitetura


Sometimes we just love the Brazilian holiday architecture and design – don’t you? This spacious and elegant geometrical creation of  Bernardes Arquitetura has its unique character thanks to the horizontal structure and the materials used in construction – an abundance of wood (as cladding and beams), corten steel and the appearance defining element – the copper louvers. Another eye-catching element is the granite floor that secures unobstructed flow between in and out visually and physically connecting the living quarters and the garden pool.




The interior of this family home is simple, comfortable and clear lined, featuring some custom-made wooden details and furniture, functional soft settings and modern appliances the living premises emanate tranquil and elegant lifestyle. The neutral color base of the decor and the classic textures and shapes contribute to the whole serene appearance. The copper louvers and the wooden cladding have not only aesthetical and stylish purposes they are also very practically orientated – protecting the inner premises from the harsh sun and weather. But no matter what the intended purpose was – those architect structures are, no doubt, the character defining art elements now.