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Luxurious Countryside Residence in Slovakia by TOLICCI – Bathroom


Studio Tolicci create a little unusual and unique bathroom, using unconventional color of the mosaic, with the white walls, which are in the shade of Venetian stucco.


Project Description: We introduce you another part of our latest project “Family residence Maly Cepcin” – the bathroom. In this bathroom, we placed the tub under the window across the whole width of the room and therefore we naturally chose it as a central element in space. For a better and more natural access to the tub, we chose to use a step. From the original condition of the bathroom, we used a niche in the wall next to the window, which we naturally involved in the design and used it as a design feature. This feature gradually overlaps to the bathtub and thus forms a part of it. We have situated the bathtub in the space of the original room and therefore it doesn´t act like an “addition”.


In the bathroom, we chose a little unconventional color of the mosaic, which made it special. The mosaic with its color naturally contrasts with the white walls, which are in the shade of Venetian stucco. Another contrasting feature in the bathroom is the radiator, which with its subtlety and simplicity of design completes the overall design concept – simplicity, functionality and lightness.



The area of the bathroom is also formed with atypical cabinet complemented with shelves, which copy the shape of the cabinet. This element acts as a central feature in the middle of the bathroom and simultaneously it pleasantly breaks it, which is desirable and interesting. Like every space we create, we also completed this space with a hint of, for us so characteristic, gentility, which we bring in the form of gold or shiny features, which deliver the desired effect and “the juice”. This is what we added to this project: the fusion of traditional materials and pleasant tones. We complement them with a little bit of grandeur, which is sometimes lacking in the traditional sense of interiors. They often appeal monotonous or too sterile. Thus, we know how to create a pleasant and little unusual and unique place from the traditional space.


You can soon expect another room from this project, and that will be a bedroom.