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Family-Friendly Design Created by Atelier Moderno


Have you ever wondered how does the home of a designer looks like – what kind of interior and decorations there will be? What kind of vibe, story, and style will it emanates? Here is one cozy and bright jewel – a 1950’s building in Montreal, Canada that hosts a modern design and artistic interior created by Atelier Moderno for a designer’s family- his two sons and their vital terrier – Winston.




The facade of this former workshop building tells us a story – with is robust brick walls, large windows, and secluded roof terrace – garden. And this full of history and functionality story translates partly into the fresh interior of the home – visible at the wooden ceiling beams or the vintage telephone desk in the living room or the custom made bookshelf in the study – but this classic nuance is only a canvas on which a contemporary design brash have worked on. The strong modern vibe asserts its place most – fully in the kitchen area – with its stainless steel cooking unit, the white Corian preparation island or the solid white oak dining table and its contemporary assembly of chairs – but the same stylish and modern approach can be observed throughout the space.






The elegant and creative bathroom where the balance of clear-lined elements (made from glass, steel, porcelain, pipe wood and painted concrete) are in essential connection with water and fire – everything compactly arranged in restrained color palate with vivid yellow touch. The same vivid and fresh approach towards colors and shapes dominates the premises of the bedrooms and living room. White and gray with bluish tonality forms the color base, framed in black and defined with soft, colorful textures – this esthetic choice corresponds very well with the contemporary pieces of art that adorn the space.