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Calm, Natural and Open Guest House


This is something that we don’t see very often – elegant and simple, and yet a house with a story – this is a project located above Beverly Hills that not only preserves and enjoys the local nature ( a small forest of coast oak trees grows in the grove of the property) but also esthetically blends in. The two bedroom guest house consist of two contemporary architectural structures – one is a rehabbed old barn that is turned into open space living room that also hosts classical music concerts (the owner is a concert violinist). The other modern construct holds the two bedroom and the living zones of this neat home. Both structures are designed by the architects from Walker Workshop so that a smooth and elegant facades are emanating calm, natural and open atmosphere.


The materials used are not only esthetically beautiful and functional but also as much it is possible natural and ostentatious – dark wood (in the case with the upper floor the cladding is fire-resistant wood), concrete base and of course abundance of glass windows.



The interior of the house is stylish, full with natural light and minimalistic approach towards furnishing and decoration. The designers left the mild, natural and light colors, the exposed construct elements (whether the wooden beams of the ceiling or the stone walls) and the sunlight of the open spaces to be the main decorations of the premises. The soft furnishing and the functional appliances are elegant and unostentatious in white and earthy color tonalities that create comfy and yet stylish atmosphere. The elegant glass lamps in the living room accentuate the whole open and airy feeling of the premises.