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Steel Spiral Staircase by Rizzi


A natural architectural vocation lies at the heart of Rizzi’s steel spiral staircases, which combine the needs of contemporary designs with the most sophisticated hand-crafting techniques. The staircase becomes a sophisticated volume that in interior design is lent an unexpected softness thanks to the timeless charm of wood teamed with metal.



The styling and technical features of the staircase are enhanced by the possibility of producing an ultra-slim step trim (thin sheet of metal clad with wood) which is inserted directly into the stringer with near-invisible grouting. The result is an extremely clean-cut appearance which makes room for the pure essence of the staircase. Naturally, depending on tastes and requirements, the steps can also be made of glass, solid wood or with the riser filled.

These staircases can be functional and multi-storey, since they can be tailor-made starting with an external diameter of 110 cm up to a maximum standard of 300 cm, and they require anchoring half-way to ensure rigidity.

Like all of Rizzi’s Spiral Staircases, this product also offers extensive customisation possibilities: the steps can be made of various wood finishes and the side stringers can be made with textured finishes, with RAL lacquering or brickwork. The banisters are available in painted steel or satin finish stainless steel in various silhouettes.

For guaranteed quality, precision and easier assembly, all the staircases are pre-assembled on our premises and then shipped to the end customer.