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Exposed Concrete Walls at Residential and Dental Practice by Architekten Rüf Stasi Partner


Bold and creative this contemporary project of a building combining residential and business functions is located in the town of Hard, Austria and is a great example of modern architecture and design. The architects from Architekten Rüf Stasi Partner designed the three storey building in peculiar irregular shape that demonstrates not only artistic and dynamic approach toward architectural framing but also a very practical contribution to privacy, sunlight distribution (large panorama windows but with the benefit of secluded angles and particular north – east orientation) and enabling the inhabitants to enjoy the privet and filled with sun gardens. The extravagant cantilevered terraces to the two floors that host the privet apartments allow the owners to have personal garden access while living in communal building.





The ground floor with its exposed concrete walls, panorama windows and contemporary shaped and cheerful furniture hosts a very welcoming (if you can believe we say that) dental office.  The refreshing green of the decorative elements and furniture, their specific and unique forms correspond harmonically with the polished concrete of walls, ceiling and floors and create a fresh, modern office space. The same uncovered nudeness of the concrete construct can be observed at the third floor were the apartment of the owner of the building resides. The unusual and complex pitched roof, the refreshing combination of exposed bricks, wood, metal constructs and leather, the spaciousness of the premise and the minimalistic furnishing create one modern and artistic dwelling in this small European town. The whole project carries a specific minimalistic, modern and urban aura that dynamically catches the eye and intrigues the thoughts.