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Renovated Loft-Apartment by OOOOX


This modern apartment  interior designed by OOOOX – a well-established Prague design studio – is just another proof of how the accurate combination of white color base accentuated by grayish tonalities and wooden surfaces may become a wonderful solution for a loft apartment décor. The white creates a visual impression of spaciousness, free float and ease – qualities so essentially important in cases like this – with limited space and sloped roof.  So all the interior solutions are considering and playing with the preexisting architectural elements as; the sloping’s of walls and roof, the two levels of the living space and the staircase as a connecting element between them.






The open plan configuration of the premise allows the arrangement of three functional zones – a living room, kitchen and a dining corner – into relatively limited space. Clever architectural solution by OOOOX, for saving space and functional storage are the drawers under the stairs, the designers created them with push-to-open system instead of handles and in a color blending with the walls to insure discreet and harmonic arrangement. Under the sloped roof angle, a TV area with comfortable sofa creates visual graphic in gray with suitable rectangular shape. The kitchen, decided also completely in white, allows the utilities to blend with the walls and to look more like an architectural element than as a part of the furnishing.