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Luxurious Countryside Residence in Slovakia by TOLICCI


Studio Tolicci have designed a luxurious countryside residence in Slovakia. Its a reconstruction of the house, that have to created enough open space for the connection of kitchen and dining room.


Project Description: This project was about design solution of interior processing in an old family house – it was, therefore, a reconstruction of the house. The design of the kitchen with dining area is primarily based on the overall layout of the house. After demolition of several partition walls, Tolicci have created enough open space for the connection of the spectacular kitchen and dining room, where we were able to place a table for 4-6 people.

In the draft, we have tried to reflect all the requirements of the client, one of which was the creation of a small wine rack. It was a stepping stone in the development of the entire design of the proposed kitchen. In our case, we decided to place the wine rack at the front side of cooking peninsula, which is the ending of kitchen unit.  The kitchen unit stretches underneath the window and has a U-shape. In the making of the above-mentioned wine stand we used a little unconventional 60-degree angle, which we later repeated on shelf placed above the worktop.


In our understanding, the kitchen becomes not only a place for ordinary activities, but with our influence we bring into the room an element of luxury,  timelessness and unusualness – this is how we are recognizable. We have achieved the connection of these elements by using fine gold linings – on the shelf as well as on the wine rack. By choosing  the color of the paint of kitchen doors and worktop in shade of gray, we have achieved a uniqueness of this kitchen. Worktop by its design continues smoothly to the floor and creates an integrated element. To achieve the full integrity of the worktop, we pulled the decor up to the wall, so we reached again an interesting effect of continuity and consistency and thus confirmed the integration of concept and design. The suspended digester became an interesting dominant. It, however, differs from traditional digesters in that it is formed through block, which is the same decor as the kitchen unit itself.  The kitchen, of course, couldn´t miss, for us so characteristic, wood paneling on the walls – in this case we chose wood in walnut design. For re-connecting and unification of the proposed kitchen´s design, we decided to go with this draft even with the lowered ceiling, which is located right in the part, where the digester is placed. We have achieved the lighting of the kitchen unit and dining area in an interesting way. We have lowered the ceiling and illuminated it around its circumference.



Dining room
The kitchen smoothly passes into the dining room, where the light fitting became the dominant element of the design, located above the dining table. With this layout, we confirmed again, that not everything in the interior has to be in the right angle. The selection of the dinner table was influenced by colorfulness and therefore we chose double combination of materials, which with their decor exactly follow the already introduced design of the kitchen. For peculiarity and creation of a contrast element – accent, we decided to use upholstered chairs with armrests from a famous Swiss company. A newly designed window is located at the dining area. It extends from the ceiling to the ground and provides us with a nice garden view. To softening the area, we decided to use white curtains that also made the space visually unified. The location of colored upholstered hexagons on the wall, behind the dining table, became another unusual element in our understanding of the dining room. With their color and shape, they stand out on wooden paneling that is designed in white gloss.
We can say in general, that our design differs from the classical concept of kitchen by combining elements of luxury, timelessness, comfort and course unconventionality. Only by combining all these features, we can achieve a whole that is also diverse.