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High Back Bed by Jingxiang Zhang


Bed is what we spend most time on and most closely contact with; that is why we have many requirements towards a bed: it must be strong enough and be durable. It should have no sharp corners to avoid bumping; its headboard should have a backward angle as chairs for reading in bed. The appearance is also very important; it needs to be attractive and lasting.



Following all these requirements, the designers from MZGF Studio have designed this high back bed. It is simple yet elegant. Its leg frame and bedstead looked like two independent parts but stacked together. This genius combination gives the bed the particular appear and rich details in its structure.


Headboard is the focus of the whole design. Its back is much higher, leaning to the backwards at an angle of 8 degrees, it is very ergonomics to meet most people’s seating and lying postures. And its two edges from each side coming out from the back give the user a sense of being circled, besides, the V lines on the back of the headboard increased the vividness of the whole bed. For the safety issue, the four corners of bedstead, top edge of the headboard and other parts that might be frequently contacted with users all have been rounded.