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Functional and Modern Edge Moscow Apartment


Opening the space with minimalistic furniture approach, free float between premises and bold experimentation with colors, partitions and surfaces – those were the starting points for architectural studio ARCH.625 when creating this contemporary apartment in Moscow, Russia. Ignoring the traditional sofa-dining table – coach arrangement the architects fulfilled the owner’s desire for open plan space where yoga and other leisure time activities can be practiced and yet the apartment to preserve its functional and modern edge.




Using multifunctional furniture with contemporary design, abundance of wall cabinets for storage and magnificent modern kitchen island which successfully hosts all kitchen functions the designers achieves one comfortable, modern home with unique character. The color palette is deliberately simple and neutral with an accent on the beautiful dark-red wooden flooring. The light colors of curtains, walls, textiles and utilities in contrast with the black TV wall create a space extension and openness towards the exterior.


The space partitions of the apartment are particularly interesting – delicately framed sliding doors that secure the privacy of the bedroom and opening the space when needed corresponds with the architect’s intention of minimalizing the space divisions. And the transparent glass separation towards the bathroom is created in that spirit also – it becomes opaque when lights are switched on securing in this way the privacy – but when the bathroom is free the glass visually extends the kitchen and allows an intriguing view towards the wonderful bathroom design by Filip Stark. The build in lighting solutions in combination with the functional and modern design create an ambience that emanates lightness and free float of ides and spirit.