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Bratislava Loft Apartment by Studio GutGut


This contemporary and multifunctional “space for art”, situated in central Bratislava, had been refurbished and turn from four roomed apartment into an open loft – like space with different functions from the young studio “gutgut“. The space is vast and clear with minimalistic furnishing but with intriguing materials, textures and construct elements. The owner’s desire for loft that accommodates many functions – a living quarter, an art exhibiting premise; a studio occupied my several craftsmen and artist – required different space arrangement and dynamic of functions. So the architects cleverly divided the premise on day and night zones with stretched through space wall, built as a simple timber frame covered with white perforated metal that serves as door, closet and visual separation of spaces.






The architects play with collision of materials – striped concrete ceiling alternates with preserved and re-polished oak parquet at the one half of the premise, and with rubber ( red – non the less) flooring at the other. The combination of white perforated metal storage space on a timber construction gives transparency and air to the ambiance, the soft cross-shaped sofa gives the visual center of the spacious living room. But one of the most attractive and artistic details is the round dining table  – created from kilometers of concentric mahogany veneer circles glued to each other shaping a massive ring. This central focal point of the kitchen was designed in collaboration with sculptors Richard Seneši and Jakub Trajter, and – as the whole space – is intriguing, artistic and innovative.