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DAAO Concept Furniture by Danilo Olim


Board with shelves with an independent organization. Opens one, two, or all. Adapting to the most suitable organization. The finishing can be done in melamine boards, with finishing in various woods, finishing in high pressure laminate with different tones or finishing in lacquer. The # 17 is 60 mm thick and may have the desired length and height. It is a thin plate that becomes robust when open shelves. Being closed shelves this bookcase merges with the wall.


Bookshelf # 17 was developed with the premise to occupy the necessary space, when necessary. Considered to be an extension of the wall when all shelves are closed, or when not being used, and opening the shelves as needed. It consists of 300mm by 300mm shelves 20mm thick. They open by pressing the shelf slightly inward with one click on the magnetic bracket and close when raised in a vertical position and on an axis rotation. The shelves are extremely robust capable of withholding a shelf full of books.