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Urban Design Environment and Greenery


With a winter approaching and chilly colorful autumn all around us, we start appreciating more and more the warmth and fresh sensation that vivid greenery brings into our homes and lives. So escaping the nostalgia we present you a few wonderful projects from around the world to prove that fresh green plants are welcome and perfectly fitting element everywhere, in every ambiance; a home – café in China designed by Penda, a modern and refreshing public plaza in Amsterdam by CUBE Architecten and a privet luxury apartment in Ukraine – the newest project of SVOYA Studio. Enjoy and keep the summer in your hart.



 Speaking of natural ambiances and green life style this China Home – Café was created as romantic and healing escape from the polluted air of the big cities. Its interior design combines robust contemporary architecture, urban dynamics and delicate Asian simplicity and love for the nature. The main interior design features are the steel bars that create a series of cubic frameworks filled with books, art objects and diversity of plant life. The bamboo and wooden pots are filed with fast growing plans, air refreshing plants or herbs that not only flatter the eye but bring aroma in the polluted urban air. The leather seating and wooden furniture and cladding further compliment the senses and create welcoming and dynamic ambiance.



Introducing nature into confine space the architects of this communal plaza in Amsterdam achieve fresh and welcoming outlook – different plant cages hang midst beautiful natural birch trunks, leaves shadow pattern adorns the walls and wooden cases with vivid plant life beautify the windows. The color palette and the furnishing correspond with the natural, fresh and calm appearance of the space; a sand like floor, fresh green and light beige entwine this extraordinary plaza. And because this is Amsterdam sustainability and reusing of goods was in a main focus during the project creation.



According to the designers – HEYLIGERS Design+Projects, the entrance into the building offers an overview of the floors through the triple height area that connects all the levels via a complex set of staircases. The predominant tone is a neutral bright one with white walls, ceiling and furniture pieces combined with a light wooden flooring, adding extra warmth to the space. Here and there, splashes of blue, yellow and green disrupt the visual neatness of the overall scheme, contributing to a cheerful and dynamic ambiance.


Intense plant life can be used not only too vivid and class up public and communal spaces but also to bring chic and comfort into urban homes and apartment design. This eclectic and contemporary apartment, in Ukraine, achieves its cozy and stylish interior not only by combining vintage furnishing with austere finishing’s and contemporary with classic but also by emphasizing the great panorama windows with amazing vertical green walls. The self-supporting luxuriant plant-life becomes no doubt, the main focal point of the living area. Vivid green juxtaposed to natural wood tonalities and withe and beige lightness. A design element that brigs fresh and homey appearance and creates unique and unforgettable ambiance.


In this Ukrainian apartment, created by Olga Akulova you can see clear lines, modern materials and textures, fragmented decoration and furniture, which are all staged on the scenery of a classy poured polymeric white flooring, wood decking and exposed concrete.