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Contemporary Home in Singapore with Curved Spiral Staircase


Playful contemporary dynamics and exotic past are entwined into the creation of this ONG&ONG Singapore project. Full with intriguing pieces of contemporary art this old-time storehouse becomes a contemporary piece of art itself- with its smoothly curved spiral staircase (a focal point of the open plan living area), with its bespoke and modernistic furniture and simple clear lined spaces. But in reality with delicate references’ and hints the architects succeed in introducing into the premise the rich oriental past of the house. Juxtaposing vintage furniture, exotic enamel dado tiles, and beautiful wood beams on the ceiling, with minimalistic furnishing, new-edge irregular curves and shapes the designers succeed in achieving smooth and elegant fusion of past and percent and erase the traces left,  on the architectural plan, from  the brief office period of this beautiful house.

residence inner courtyard

peranakan shophouse dining area

perfect home modern family

staircase spanning three levels

The inner courtyard at the first floor with its green wall, beautiful trees and grass floor, brings the fresh presence of a garden in the middle of the house, turning the premise into welcoming and warm home. This greenery and the open plan seamless float of kitchen, living and dining area, creates spacious and full of light ambiance where the pieces of art, the beautiful mosaics and wooden beams along with the bespoke furniture sit stylishly and create a great comfortable space. The interior of the whole households a fresh, restrained color palette of white, black and gray that allows the wooden tonalities of furniture, cladding and flooring, and the identity of the art pieces to stand out and warm up the space. The architecture and the façade of the house, as its interior, represent the delicate fusion of modern home and the cultural heritage of shophouse– skylights meet traditional arched windows and together bring daylight into the family home.

dramatic spiral staircase 3

timber beams installed ceiling

timber beams living room

peranakan shophouse living area

staircase spanning three levels 3

staircase spanning three levels 1

dramatic spiral staircase

dramatic spiral staircase 2

dramatic spiral staircase 1

long corridor lined bookshelves

peranakan shophouse study


bathroom visually connected bedroom

timber beams bedroom decor

residence inner courtyard garden

inner courtyard first floor

courtyard quaint indoor garden

traditional glazed floor tiles