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Moore Park Residence – Dynamic Example of Modern Architecture


The concept of this Toronto residential neighborhood house is complex and intriguing – according to its architects from Drew Mandel Architects the house must combine the typical house-like forms of the existing streetscape, with its iconic 1920s-era single-family homes and at the same time to introduce bold contemporary vision. With thoughtful approach towards materials, surfaces and textures and with animated play between void and full, light and shadow, glass partitions and concrete walls the space becomes a dynamic example of modern architecture and design.




In the interior of the house the combination between beautiful American black walnut for cladding and furnishing, the abundance of light reflected from white surfaces and natural textures all around, creates a slightly rural and at the same time contemporary and very homey ambiance. The greenery and landscape of the house are an integral part of the character of the house – introducing third-floor green terrace the designers created secluded and refreshing refuge for the owners. Panoramic windows, skylights and abundance of natural materials used throughout the house decor, grantee uninterrupted link between architecture, nature and design for the home.  In to this modern house the architects entwined traditional shapes and hints with contemporary elegance and simplicity to achieve unique and welcoming outcome.