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Green Villa with Clean Lines and Open Spaces


This house is a bold experimentation with the merger of austere and clear lined contemporary architecture and the vivid greenery of the surrounding natural giving’s. The MM ++ architects had undertaken the challenge of reconstructing preexisting house with its limited space and circumstances into open-spaced, full with light modern premise that connects elegantly with the nature and the rich plant life of the country. Stripped down to its minimalistic base – the white cube with supporting columns and wooden decking – the house facade is defined by the luscious vegetation that entwines it and merges the borders between house and landscape.

rich plant life pool area

green wall house facade 1

vivid greenery

rich plant life country

green wall house facade

The two vertical plant walls add charm and character to the interior as well as the exterior; they provide natural shadow and ventilation and add secluded privacy to the bedroom premises. The interior design of the house is also decided in minimalistic, contemporary approach that coexists elegantly with the natural ambiance. The interior designers used natural materials and restrained color palate that allows the greenery and the warm wood tonality of the furniture to take a leading role. The beautiful free-hanging wooden staircase looks like floating on to the green background of exuberant plant life. Completely open on both sides, through floor-to-ceiling panorama doors, the first floor open – plan living area becomes merged with the gardens and brings the natural plant life inside the home. Fresh green and simple lined modern design – a winning combination for elegant home.

fresh green simple lined modern home

floor to ceiling panorama doors

open plan living area floor to ceiling panorama doors

open plan living area

beautiful free hanging wooden staircase

free hanging wooden staircase

simple lined modern design kitchen

simple lined modern design bathroom

green wall

white cube supporting columns wooden decking

wooden decking 1

wooden decking

white cube house