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Chic Barcelona Restaurant by Adam Bresnick architects


A small Barcelona restaurant – what else could it be? – cozy and chic, with an artistic approach towards colors and textures, materials and shapes. The designer’s team of Adam Bresnick aimed to create a stylish and discreet interior as a “backdrop” to the refine cuisine and its delights, but succeed both in creating a stylish mid-town eclectic cuisine happening and in embodying a place with character and intriguing artistic presence.

nordic influence furnishing restaurant

cozy chic barcelona restaurant

The surfaces textural choice creates dynamic and unique premise that delights the senses – stripped to the brick and ashlar stone walls juxtaposed with space – personality defining hexagonal paving. Vivid ochre fabric and warm gray upholstery create artistic contrast with the soft lines and the heavy presents of the wooden furniture. With noticeable Nordic influence, the furnishing of the restaurant fits well with the smooth white – gray base tonality of the place. So playing with contrasts and tactile sensations, capturing shapes and natural materials the designers create welcoming and artistic ambiance for very enjoyable meal.

saboc restaurant

small barcelona restaurant

surfaces textural decor

hexagonal paving tile flooring

nordic influence furnishing restaurant 2

nordic influence furnishing restaurant 1

saboc restaurant furnishing

saboc restaurant brick wall decor

saboc restaurant flooring decor