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Contemporary Veil for the Extractor Hood: Samuel Codegoni’s Design for Faber


A contemporary Veil transforms the look of an appliance that made kitchen history: the classic extractor hood. ‘Veil’ is a new, wall-mounted hood designed by Samuel Codegoni for Faber. The revolutionary design and unique aesthetics are strong points of this Faber model. The name is a direct pointer to the essence of this model: a flexi, curvy front sheet which seems to hang in space. Not dissimilar to a veil, in fact. Veil functions as a clearly defined fixture, of course. At the same time, there is something light and airy about it which deliberately plays tricks with the eye and with space. “That’s right,” confirms the designer. “Veil plays with surfaces on various planes. They move fluidly, breaking up ordinary volumes and producing a ‘trompe l’oeuil’ effect. The sinuous shape of the hood seems almost to hover. In reality, there is a gap between the rectangular sheet and the wall to which it is attached – but you don’t notice that at first sight.”