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Rooftop Apartment with Exposed Concrete Walls


Simple yet artistic design, robust architecture but with smooth open float between spaces, intriguing penthouse renovation in standard multi-floor building in Tel Aviv – this challenging project of Pitsou Kedem Architects uses  row concrete, wood and black metal, which put together create well-balanced, modern urban home. Introducing open plan kitchen, living, dining area configuration and unobstructed float between the interspace and the vast terrace, the architects succeed in creating the impression that the space is much bigger than it is in reality. Black steel columns poured terrazzo flooring, and thin glass panel system unite more than divide the border transition between in and out. Using the same principal of opening spaces and adding transparency the architects introduce wooden beams as partitions on the second floor where bathrooms, bedrooms and study are nested in cozy modern environment.





The color palate is restrained and the designers create a balance juxtaposing row concrete walls with warm wood furniture (unpainted oak used for the kitchen island and media unit), black metal with vivid contemporary art pieces and colorful paintings by Israeli artist Guy Yanai. So with a clever balance the urban appearance of the penthouse is softened by the presence of warm cozy wood, intriguing pieces of furniture (like the oblong baby blue chair on the second floor) and sophisticated art. On and all- this project creates modern, light and high quality living space.