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Sustainable Hupomone Ranch


Fancy farm life? Maybe, if it’s located and settled down in this modern barn-house, near Petaluma – USA. Combining contemporary architecture, newest sustainability technologies and the romantic aura of old time farm-home the architects from Turnbull Griffin Haesloop Architects created really cozy and unique barn – home for a young farming family that respects the traditions but keeps an eye on to the future. The site for the construction of the house offers charming and serene views that are captured by the architects and introduced into the interior through, cleverly oriented vast windows.

wood cladding painted white

glass barn house living room

glass barn house

typical american wood cladding painted white

The eclectic approach (between classic and modern) of architects and owners toward constructing the house lies not only on its interesting architecture and the choice of furniture, but also in adopting sustainable energy saving by using geothermal heating and cooling along with solar and photovoltaic panels. In the end achieving energy efficient house that has LEED Platinum certificate. The interior décor of this “glass – barn – house” offers great variety of intriguing solutions – classic and traditional (furs and leather, window nooks and typical American wood cladding painted in white) meet contemporary art pieces, designers furniture and even some pieces of furniture made by the owners. And all those stylish choices are staged on a white and serene background that reflects the natural light and creates affable and welcoming ambiance.

glass barn house kitchen

bedroom wood cladding painted white

glass barn house bathroom

cozy unique barn home

glass barn house 1

contemporary architecture barn house

glass barn house pool

glass barn house 2

glass barn house garden

glass barn house outdoor