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Sophisticated Studio Apartment by SVOYA Studio


According to the architects from SVOYA Studio, this contemporary Ukrainian apartment draws the inspiration for its interior from the views of River Dnipro reviled through its wide windows. The whole space archives certain contemporary artistry and eclectic fusion between row and austere finishing and soft textures and vintage furniture. Alternating urban concrete walls with smooth wooden surfaces, and soft carpets and upholstering with robust shapes – the architects cleverly create dynamic ambiance.

wooden coffee table

sophisticated studio apartment interior
The main living area offers simultaneously vintage and modern sensation, combining classic shapes and textures with unique pieces of furniture ( like the wooden coffee-table or the media wall), entwining  light and neutral color palette with vivid and fresh greenery. No doubt, the beautiful luxuriant green-walls, that frame the balcony doors, become a central focal point of the space. With their vivid and intriguing presence the self-supporting vertical gardens enchant the visitors and inhabitants and bring them the romantic feeling of midsummer meadow.  Constructing and furnishing the space the designers used as natural its possible material palette (wood as furniture and cladding, concrete and painted bricks, soft textures in mellow colors – even the kids room, with its pink and purple, is in the range of soft and mellow tonalities) so everything rounds up to complete the conceptual oasis that the designers create in the middle of the city.

sophisticated studio apartment svoya studio

interior decor vintage modern sensation

kitchen light neutral color palette

sophisticated studio apartment

austere finishing soft textures bedroom

sophisticated studio apartment bedroom

luxuriant green walls

sophisticated studio apartment 3

beautiful luxuriant green walls

sophisticated studio apartment living room

fresh greenery living room interior