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Portuguese Summer Villa with Vast Garden and Pool


With its simple, straight – lined and yet intriguing forms and architectural solutions this contemporary Portuguese house becomes an interesting summer house example. Combining some preexisting structures (like the stone walls) and robust modern architectural features the architects from Mario Martins Atelier create dynamic forms, elements and scales that sit intriguingly on the typical Algarve landscape full of almond trees and intense sunlight. The premise has all the luxury extras that any self – respecting summer villa should have – vast garden, unique swimming pool and gorgeous views through the windows.

portuguese summer villa 9

portuguese summer villa 12

unique swimming pool

unique swimming pool 4

unique swimming pool 1

portuguese summer villa vast garden

vast garden

The interior is decided with minimalistic clear lined furniture, contemporary shapes presence and artistic light and shadow play. The basic color palette is an elegant variation of gray and beige tonalities laid on a black and white foundation that is sparkly animated by bright yellow chairs. The materials palate is natural and simple – stone, wood and concrete – creating elegant and a bit nostalgic ambiance; a 90’s furniture influence meets midcentury stone wall and everlasting (Mediterranean) white walls reflecting the hot summer sun.

portuguese summer villa outdoor

portuguese summer villa living room

portuguese summer villa staircase

portuguese summer villa interior

portuguese summer villa outdoor

unique swimming pool 2

unique swimming pool 3