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Creative Design to Everyday Objects by Thomas Laurens


If you take a look at the portfolio of Thomas Laurens will be impressed by his design of the staircase, part of unique interior projects. This is a serious challenge for any designer. The smaller design challenges, such as Swarm shelf system and two-seater table – Unfold, for children in bright yellow, also hint at his talent to design a small but clever objects. Every parent would love the table, which is solid, without the little details and perfect for creative performances of two small kids.






Swarm is one of my favorites; its freedom expressed! Like in nature no swarm of birds is the same, they share lines and structure but you determine the pattern and direction. Its an exciting display of lines and shadows, the continuity gives it something peaceful but then again when you observe from a different angle the whole thing changes. Its a system that I designed to be a flat pack, using workers gloves you can bend the birds into shape and via a very easy locking system to put them on your wall.