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Luxury Vila Madalena with Smooth Indoor Decor


This modern luxury house situated in culturally and socially interesting neighborhood of Sao Paulo is typical Brazilian contemporary design example. Modern lux and elegant comfort fill the premises – high-quality materials – polished wood, marble and stone constructs, shining surfaces and glass partitions interact in black metal framing. The robust architectural structure is dynamically vivid by the close relation with the surrounding gardens. Black aluminum framed floor-to-ceiling windows secure unobstructed view and passage between the indoor greenery and the indoor smooth decor.

modern luxury house

dark wood timber outdoor floring

brazilian contemporary design house

dark wood timber wall garden

dark wood timber wall

modern lux bedroom

The dark-wood timbers are in dynamic and intense correlation with the concrete structures, the grey tiles that clad the floors and the shining transparency of the glass, creating a clear space architectural ambience. The furnishing is in basic colour tonalities-white, beige, black – it represents modern comfort and functionality and in conducive cooperation with art elements, creates elegant and exemplary interior design. The architects from Drucker Arquitectura succeed in creating a privet and nested between trees and wood partitions glass house – a place where natural light freely reflects from smooth shining surfaces and fills vast open spaces.

dark wood timber flooring

concrete structures

shining surfaces glass black metal framing

modern comfort functionality vila madalena

polished wood marble stone interior decor

clear space architectural ambience

grey tiles clad floors

brazilian house contemporary design

vila madalena outdoor

vila madalena