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Fichman Residence-Wooden Rhapsody for Bohemian Life-Style


Wooden rhapsody for bohemian life-style; vine cellar, art collections and sliding panels in gorgeous wooden colors. Inspired from Japanese tradition and elegant simplicity the minimalistic furnishing and multipurpose arrangements fit the small penthouse architecture perfectly. With clever design approach, even the sleeping futons are easily tucked away so that the tatami mats can be used for other daily purposes. The architects and developers from regionalArchtects execute skillful crafting of contemporary architectural detail while composing the design and artful ambiance for this downtown Toronto property.



The original and creatful way in which the premise is arranged archives the expansion of functional space – starting with floor to ceiling windows that welcome wonderful open air and skyscrapers urban view and finishing with the multifunctional usage of architectural and design elements – is promoting the simplicity of design as part of artistic life-style. The transformative nature of the architecture leads to intriguing and complex usage of elements; a desk transforms into shelf to sort wine; a folding screen becomes a surface for folding laundry; the wood paneling of the bathroom floor doubles as a drain. But on the smooth and curved wood paneling surfaces there is a place where some things are as they should be- the series of display niches host and illuminate, with customly integrated lighting, the stunning art collection of the owner. Sculptures, small paintings and cultural relics find their natural place among the smooth wooden surfaces, marble appliances, glass partitions and contemporary furnishing that fill this artful and funky living space.