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Loft ESN – an Exceptional Transformation into Spacious Living Space


There are a many interesting, unique and noteworthy aspects of this contemporary loft architecture and design. One of them it’s the history of its functions; following the latest tendency of transforming the industrial areas of all big and prospering city into residential neighborhoods the architects from Ippolito Fleitz Group created this spacious and vital living space on the place of former army barracks and ex office space at the industrial area of Esslingen.






From army shack, through drab office to this amazing, artful and vivid family home! But that’s just one of this ingenious apartment’s many astonishing characteristics. The dynamic fusion and delicate juxtaposition of contemporary elegance with the vitality of a disco era, the square and sharp-edged architecture with the oval and oblong shapes of decoration and art furniture elements, and much more thoughtful, challenging  and entertaining  finishing touches and design elements.  The juxtaposition of diametrical positions and opposites is an artistic method that finds its replica throughout the apartment’s design. Incorporating stack of raw wood (supposedly meant for the beautiful hanging fireplace) as a design and furnishing element and placing it next to smooth glass surface that reflect the painted art tree and branches with blossom- shining lamps is a existing contrast that creates artistic tension in the interior. Many are the delicate artistic suggestions that haunt the place; some are like the oval shapes and lamps that break the intensity of the bold colors- like the lamps, chair and mirror in the dark colored bedroom. Or the purple dot graffiti that vitalize the earthly pastel tonality of the living room premise. Others, like the mirrored lamps of Tom Dixon, combine all – ovality, shines and artistic value that a class up any space.







Actually, throughout the loft many renowned artist and designers find an exhibiting place for their work as an integral part of its artistic and stylish décor. The cute wooden chair next to the fireplace that brings homey warmth- is the Paola Navone – Gervasoni armchair design.  In the bedroom next to a perfectly fitting oval Ball Chair by Aarnio Eero with its 60’ts vintage presence sits the modern simplicity of Houdini Chair by Stefan Diez that caries the elegant sophistication of woman’s dressing corner. And speaking of contemporary elegance, returning to the living-room space one can discover the delicate lamps of Vibia – MATCH Design by Jordi Vilardell & Meritxell Vidal that hang over the black wood dining table. The minimalistic cubical shape of the kitchen island and cooker brings the allusion of contemporary art with functional edge.



Enticing mix of material choices and color approaches fills the wide open space of the loft – upholstered walls, shining stainless steel, golden-mirrored tiles, lacquered wood, fluffy carpets and glass and mirrors ….and glass again… and that is only the living quarters – the bathroom and bedroom offer even more intriguing colors, design and architecture. Dark blue and purple, violet bordering black, aerial white lamps reflecting in circular mirrors and again glass and mirrors adorn the realm. Bold and dynamic is the designer’s approach in creating this beautiful space to inhabit on the place of army barrages.  Combining artistic furnishing and intriguing design elements with robust colors and unexpected architectural solutions the designers create a premise with a strong presence and unforgettable character.