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Vivid Office Space by Studio O+A


Believe it or not, this vivid and playful office space is designed for a bank client. Of course, the Capital One Labs is in San Francisco and the designers are Studio O+A, which explains the vital color scheme, the harmonic presents of uncouth wood and the bold experimentation with colors. Also technically the team of Capital One Labs is a design studio, which develops the online services for the bank so it’s only natural for them to escape from the most banks’ grayish tonality and dive into “rustic Drama”, “lime Green” and “Hot Pink” so that the working space can fully reflect the free and creative spirit of its inhabitants.







The dynamic color palate is no doubt, one of the most significant and eye catching aspect of the design approach for this office space but not the only one. The playful thread extends throughout the whole space – through the bicycle wall, the cozy resting nook – centrally situated and clad in wood this unusual “resting sofa“ offers unique experience and peaceful isolation. According to the designer Alma Lopez,“creating experiences“ is the main goal for the design of this space. An experience of resting in a cozy, welcoming nook, dining in playful and colorful kitchen space, relaxing in “Gabled Blue” invitingly comfortable cushions and of course the central point of the office space –  a staircase that becomes more than purely functional element – a bright yellow piece of vertical sculpture. All of these unique design solutions and unconventional office experiences create a dynamic and creativity inspiring ambiance.