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Sophisticated Indian Apartment with Woven Staircase


This Indian apartment is a contemporary piece of art itself. Simply stunning and offering true enjoyment for esthetic senses – the fluid, wave – like premise entertains with each and every detail. Located in central Mumbai, the creation of  Arquitectura en Movimiento Workshop captures with is artistic presence and light, elegant atmosphere. No doubt the central focal art – point of the space is the wooden staircase with its unusual woven shape, free hanging structure and smooth texture, but the design of the apartment is filed with sophisticated art elements, craft furniture and interesting interior design solutions.

central focal art point wooden staircase

central focal art point wooden staircase 1

central focal art point wooden staircase arabescato marble flooring

central focal art point wooden staircase 3

staircase located center apartment

apartment filed sophisticated art elements

indian apartment living room lighting decor

indian apartment contemporary piece art

The replication of wave shapes throughout the apartment- ceiling, blinds, and even the patterns of the beautiful white marble that cover the living room floors- creates float like and easy going ambiance that brings serenity and  elegant comfort for the inhabitants. The general white tonality of the premise becomes wonderful scene for the walnut wood details, bespoke furniture, mosaic applications, artful elements, rugs and textures and allows them to stand out and capture the imagination. Everything in this apartment- from the lightning solutions to the materials choices- speaks of high class and style. An interior decorated and disposed with artistic sense and with an eye toward comfort and modern trends.

kitchen 4


kitchen 5

indian apartment dining area

living room

home office interior

bedroom artwork rugs tapestries mosaics applications

bedroom 1

architectural elements such blinds