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Restaurant so Luxuriantly Adorned with Graffiti


One artistic project of design Studio G-sign for a fast-food restaurant, which is so luxuriantly adorned with graffiti, wall drawings and design installations that in the end becomes more like refine gourmet place, where one can meet with friends and family, instead of just having a quick bite. Its artistic, welcoming and vintage spirit invites you to create some refreshing and interesting memories of a meal. Offering a truly unique atmosphere – that’s the goal, which not many restaurants succeed in, but this Russian project has a great start about it. It’s truly an entertaining pleasure to choose your menu from the recipes drawn on the walls. Or to enjoy the luxuriant green wall that shelters the fresh fruits stand. Or to entertain the idea of time travel and dining in another era, while enjoying the small decorative elements. Refreshing and with a hint of domestic comfort – the abundance of wooden cabinets and shelving, interesting furniture and fresh colors, create a restaurant interior that carries the sensation of vintage fairytale and warm homey comfort.

flagship restaurant obed green wall

flagship restaurant obed green wall decor

flagship restaurant obed bufet 13

flagship restaurant obed bufet interir decor

Our design Studio G-sign has developed a project for the flagship restaurant Obed Bufet in St. Petersburg. On an area of ​​over 800 square meters open kitchens are presented: lined with bags, painted tanks and packing-boxes. There are many details that one wants to consider: all the tables hand-painted with recipes, ice cream machine is stylized as a true waffle cone, cupboards, wall made of broken pottery, painted floors in the bathroom. Bright and cozy interior with wood, improvised and imagination!

open kitchen vintage decor

flagship restaurant obed bufet 6

flagship restaurant obed vintage cabinets

flagship restaurant obed bufet

packing boxes decor

flagship restaurant obed bufet 7

flagship restaurant obed bufet 11

flagship restaurant obed bufet 3

wall hand painted recipes

flagship restaurant obed bufet ice creame decor

flagship restaurant obed bufet 9

flagship restaurant obed bufet 12