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Seafront House as Paradise Retreat at Thailand


This is not a tropical tourist village as it may seam at first – it’s  a seafront vacation villa of a Hong Kong businessman who commissioned Duangrit Bunnag Architects to create his paradise – retreat from the city commotion, on this old pine – tree forest land. The property consists of five dispersed villas, for the owner’s family and his guests, and all of the buildings are thematically linked with each other and physically connected by wooden deck terrace. Preserving as much it’s possible from the trees and nature and fully embracing the beautiful natural surroundings of Thailand landscape – those were major points in the brief for the future villas.

multi functional space chill out area

floor to ceiling bathroom design

house floor to ceiling windows

So the final result is elegant and serine – villas that fuse contemporary and traditional, nature and high-quality innovation, space and comfort. Framed in black metal floor-to-ceiling windows offer breathtaking view to the sea, abundance of glass and wood in cladding and furniture bring elegance and style, soft white textures and infinite pool invite you to dive in and feel at ease.  The architectural construct allows the sunlight and the fresh air to penetrate freely and circulates around the premise. The material choices are sophisticated and bring comfort and style – natural stones, wood, brick, clear glass, soft leather and natural fibers – all insuring the uninterrupted connection with the surrounding environment. The furnishing and interior decor are minimalistic with clear lines and in basic color tonality – black, white and earthly colors dominate the interior – not deflecting the attention from the serine natural scene all around the villas.

floor to ceiling bedroom design

seafront house bedroom

seafront house kitchen

houses connected wooden terraces

seafront house forestland pine tree

swimming pool

vacation home

seafront house

seafront house pool area

house incorporate natural stones wood brick clear glass

seafront vacation villa