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Sustainable and Functional Hover House by Bower Architecture


Timber screens, polished concrete and black framing, stylishly define this clear lined Australian beauty. The beachside house emanates comfort, calm existence and unpretentious warmth. The architectural scheme consists of two butterfly wings with unobstructed access to privet inner – court that becomes a central link and provides fresh green atmosphere for each room. This architectural arrangement has multiple benefits, an important part of which is the efficiency – collecting rainwater, wind sheltering, sustainable passive heating system and ventilation and so on. The architects from Bower Architecture succeed in turning the Hover House into exemplary low cost, low energy – sustainable project.





The design materials play significant role in the sustainability of the project but also participate in the process of turning the clear line space into tranquil home, filed with natural light, warmth and texture. Concrete blockwork, timber veneer and polished concrete floor are not only cost effective materials but also carriers of texture and style into the home. In black framing and wood warmth the comfortable contemporary furnishing and the art pieces, sit comfortably and add color and substance to the premise. With its straight and clear lines, wooden cladding, black aluminum framing and abundance of natural light, reflected from the surfaces, the house reminds slightly to a Contemporary art gallery. The minimalistic furnishing scheme permits the tranquil clear architecture and the art elements to take a leading impression.