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Suburban Home with Concrete Structure that is Exposed Throughout the Interior


Smooth dark brickwork facade, contemporary appearance, fresh interior – it does not look like it, but this project of Snook Architects is located in English suburbs – near Liverpool. The facade shows clever balance between the dark bricks, vast clear glass windows and caramel timber panels.

concrete walls wooden furniture stone floor tiles patterned rug

lounge dining area stone floor tiles patterned rug

large living room centres log fire

building concrete structure exposed interior

westmorland house kitchen

In the interior the concrete structure of the house is exposed and it carries its fresh and challenging presence, but once again the décor is balanced with extensive use of glass ( skylight that goes along the whole corridor, glass staircase rail, clear glass is present even in the furniture constructs and decorative elements). And then the third balancing material – the wood is incorporated generously again – as cladding, flooring, furniture and decorations – and it cares its homey and warming aroma. The natural light colors of the materials used throughout the house – concrete, wood, stone and glass – are dynamically framed by black metal ledges and elements and additionally vitalized by the colorful rugs and upholstering. Altogether the house provides calm and welcoming ambiance without excluding the fresh, contemporary elements.

double height entrance space

steel staircase

exterior walls clad dark engineering brick

westmorland house