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Dove X Light by haoshi design


These are not objects for everyday use; these are sculptures-lamps, which act as a sleeping pill. Their light calms and carriers you to a more peaceful world.




We all need a space where we could run away from outside world’s disputes, a place where we could switch all the noises into soft melody, and a place where everything we feel is serene. Here we are not trying to isolate ourselves; we are just reviewing what we have done today peacefully. We turn on the Dove X Light, and in the atmosphere of peace we rally ourselves. Tomorrow we will fly more freely in the sky of urban jungle. haoshi design combines three doves in different postures to create the Dove X Light. This design not only functions as a light; it also elegantly decorate your house in the daytime. Light up Dove X Light at the night, and it will warm your longing for inner peace.