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Perforated House – Simple Cube with no Balconies


Turning an old building into contemporary pies of art is not an easy job, but it is a challenge, none the less. The Polish architects Piotr Kluj and Paweł Litwinowicz accepted the task of converting this 70’s semi – detached house, with its simple, clear lines, into modern and luxurious home. Preserving the idea of clear architectural lines, but adding high – quality materials, smooth entrance patterns – using ramps – the architects also achieved  transparency and lightness to the building with extensive usage of glass for the facade.






The artistic perforated pattern on a wooden plate facade has a triple significance – it plays the role of secluded, privet window for the bathroom premise, performs the smooth transition from contemporary exterior to interior dominated by Art Nouveau furniture and of course adorns artistically the facade of the house.  The cut-out shapes correspond with the smooth curves and patterns of the old furniture that is the central composition point around which the interior decoration revolves. In the interior ambiance the alternation of black and white, dark wood and painted white wood (all with old time elegant curves) brings a dynamic, yet calm and welcoming sensation of a comfortable home.  Contemporary sharp edges from the outside linked thought perforated wooden pattern with the round soft curves of vintage furniture in the inside- an interesting and beguiling  example of  Polish architecture and design.