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Color, Simple Lines and Functionality by Two.Six


Young and talented team of designers are working for Portuguese furniture brand Two.Six. They are excited to introduce you a new – timeless pieces – rich of color, simple lines and functionality. Bi Silla chair by Silvia Ceñal is with rounded shapes, soft cushions and  possibility of composing different geometries with the grouping of chairs. Thanks to its symmetry can be adapted to different places and draw different figures according to its distribution. The colorful two – tone, cool and vitamin, breathes energy wherever the chair is placed.




Tiles Rug is inspired by the Portuguese traditional tiles.  Domingos Ferreira designed this rug, creating a geometric pattern colored with four different colors that gives a sensation of movement.


Swithy is a wooden sculpture that can be used as a stool or a side table. The shape is sinuous and appealing, a female body revealed in an hourglass, with an experimental and sculptural character. The solid wood, manually crafted, harmoniously coexists with burel, a highly resistant and durable traditional Portuguese fabric made from wool.


Designer Marco Gallegos wanted to create an interchangeable table system with only those elements essential to its function. And then he designed Lilu! The upper part of the legs emerge through the table top surface where they form a triangular pattern that blends together in the center and flows down to the floor.