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Brazilian House with Stylish Architecture and Rustic Materials


Nested between the old trees and sheltered among a luxurious plant life this Brazilian house emanates the spirit of a forest hut, but with stylish architecture and artistic design. The architectural solution for the house consists of two perpendicular to each other pavilions that have open glass walls and vast windows toward the inner garden and closed secluded cube facades toward the street. This arrangement sustains a close and open relationship with the nature, as was intended by owners and designers, at the same time provides a privet retreat for the inhabitants in the cozy, comfort zone of this small paradise garden. The untainted beauty of the trees was so important for the commission that the architects from Otta Albernaz Arquitetura admit – the starting point for the whole project was the tree that now stands next to the front door, between the two front – facade cubes. The same careful attention toward the plants and trees can be noticed all around the project.






The interior of the house follows the same clear line and contemporary approach as the exterior architecture. The furnishing and appliances are placed in a balanced center between comfort, modern and unique.  Artistic earthen jars and wooden furniture add to the rustic sensation of the house that, never mind the modern architecture, still preserves the sensation of island villa. The color scheme is dominated by the warm wood presents (as cladding and furnishing) juxtaposed to the neutral background of the main color choices in the gray tonality. And then comes the punchy yellow thread that connects the whole premise. Spread throughout the house, as furnishing or architectural element, this vital yellow color becomes a connecting element in the color arrangement.  The vital colors (yellow, blue, aquamarine and red), the soft textures and the artistic elements create a very pleasant and comfortable space to inhabit. Non the less the material palette is impressive and natural as the rest of the premise – wood – mixed cedar, ceramic finishes and  exposed concrete, bespoke tiles and lighting – all sustaining the high architectural and design standard.