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Undercover Sofa with Interchangeable Removable Covers


The new-upholstered range designed by Anna von Schewen for Zanotta involves the cover as protagonist of the project. The key advantage is a possibility to remove and change the fabrics – pillows, can be changed thanks to a zip allowing the partition of the two coloured fabrics, so they can be washed separately.




“An inspiration for the Undercover sofa derives from the archetype of this kind of upholstered item” explains the Swedish designer who works in Stockholm, but studied in Helsinki for a long time and gained credit within the Scandinavian interior design. “I love working on the relationships between the spaces or between an object and what is around it, finding possible emotional and stylist links. Another aspect that makes my way of designing different is the experimentation with the materials. I always have a physical, tactile and functional relationship with them. For instance, in this upholstered item for Zanotta I wanted to innovate the sofa concept, making the constructional parts – textile and upholstered – wider. Only a company like Zanotta could follow me with great interest in this little innovative path!”.