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Private Luxury Residential by Tate Hindle


This brick-walled beauty has preserved its historical and cultural heritage and appearance even after its renovation and transformation into 30 private luxury residential units. The Old Library and The Gallery of the Victorian Royal Leamington Spa have been renovated and redesign by Tate Hindle, offering at the end an impressive, eclectic fusion between vintage charm and modern installations – in terms of interior design, architecture and structures. The designers introduced modern appliances, integrated technology and energy efficiency to convert the newly acquired living spaces in comfortable, yet sensitive to its historical background building. Cleverly adapting the large floor to ceiling heights of this former public building the architects allow the apartments to benefit from the original construct by introducing split levels, roof terraces and some double height grand dining and living spaces.





Artistic and with clear lines, the central courtyard has been created by opening up the existing glazed atrium, becoming in that way a privet garden for communal life and source of a calm view from the apartment windows. The interior of the apartments is designed in the same serene and stylish way – preserving the elegant fusion of old and modern – brick walls and wooden cladding coexist with contemporary furnishing, modern appliances and high-tech electricity scheme.  Vast windows, through which the day light penetrates freely, insure clear and bright scenery for the stylish décor, for this mixture of history and new time art.