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Solid Wood iPhone Dock


Beautifully crafted solid wood dock that amplifies your iPhone acoustically with no plug required. Slovak based designer of custom, made-to-order, speakers Stark has made an acoustic amplifier for the iPhone that is cut from solid premium grade walnut. Every single piece is then hand sanded and treated with a special natural oil, making the wood nice to see and touch while preserving its structure. A contrasting front piece from very rare Birdseye maple gives Eight a luxurious touch not seen in many other iPhone docks.



Eight is not only beautiful to look at. A lot of thought has gone into the design. The original shape acoustically amplifies the sound of your iPhone resulting in a dynamic playback of your favourite music. You don’t need a power source. Eight elevates your iPhone for a better FaceTime or Skype experience. Because the sound of the microphone and the speaker are separated; speakerphone calls are crisp and clear. Clever features include a slot for the included Lightning cable, transforming Eight into a beautiful docking station, as well as comfortable access to TouchID.


Needless to say that the attention to detail continues throughout the packaging. The box is hand made, using finest Italian paper. It’s well thought out and ready for a surprise. Currently, available in one style yet more wood options are on the way. The Eight acoustic amplifier is made to order and available though their website for 288$, international shipping is included. As reported customers can expect a little surprise when they receive their own Eight.