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Cozy Renovated New Zealand House


This cozy, renovated New Zealand house gets its warm charm through combining the modernistic look with, typical for the neighborhood, colonial villas emanation. Its, first quality, cedar cladding and selected material palette gives to the premise authentic style and coziness. The house captures the visitor’s attention with the first glimpse – its facade is harmonic and dynamic at the same time –the material fluidity between the original house, added volumes and fence becomes a playful sequence that extend into the interior- the multi-gabled roof, stylishly arranged gardens and high-material quality prepare you for the warmth comfort and style that continues into the interior décor.



In the interior design the architects from Dorrington Atcheson Architect  make a stylish reference to the 70s (when the house was originally build) and by linearly cladding walls and ceilings in combination with bespoke furniture and build in shelving and cabinetry, create comfortable and cozy ambience that carries the hint of times past.  The furnishing of the house is a unique mixture of contemporary, classic and pop-art that extends it to warm color palette of basic naturals with punches of fresh and intense decorations in lemon yellow, red and green. The dominion of craftsmanship wood is further cleverly develop into cozy modern design, with its unique lighting solutions, glass furniture and leather upholstery. The premise is not big but contains all needed for stylish and comfortable inhabiting.