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Hotel Model for the 100% Hotel Show in Greece


“Into the light-hotel” is a stylish and artistic creation of A31 for the exhibition 100% Hotel Show in Greece.  Its inspiration is drawn not only from the intense Greek summer sun but also from its art, culture and natural giving’s – sea, mountain, islands and spirit. The final result is contemporary yet timeless atmosphere with strong artistic suggestions and stylish ambiance.

greek-island- contemporary-hotel-lobby-space


greek-island- contemporary-hotel-decor

greek-island- contemporary-hotel-space


greek-island- contemporary-hotel-lobby

contemporary- timeless-atmosphere-strong-artistic-suggestions

The synthesis of light in different perspectives and filters (trellises, light installations and skylights) and the modern Greek art (Apollo Glykas art piece in the lobby – with his implementation of Shadow Theatre, flirting playfully and interweaving light and shadow while referencing to the folk tradition, or the striking sculpture of Yiannis Moralis “The meeting” that enchants the visitors at the reception) are only the beginning of this emotional and sensual journey through contemporary architecture and art, The different premises of this project –reception, lobby, dining room, garden and rooms- intertwine within them -urban and natural, classic and modern, art and architecture while achieving a harmonic conjunction between the plasticity of architectural volumes and components and the materiality with strong presents of the used materials- plastic, stainless steel and concrete. The garden with its sand landscape, beautiful bushes and stone structures represents the Greek islands, the contemporary space of the rooms with its minimalistic white furniture and art elements carries the allusion of urban life, the water premise and the magnificent wooden floors introduce the element of nature in this artistic exposition.

greek-island- contemporary-hotel-bathroom-space

greek-island- contemporary-hotel-bedroom

greek-island- contemporary-hotel-bedroom-interior