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Innovative Green Ecco Hotel by Dissing+Weitling


They create my favorite shoes, but now we see that they have much to offer in terms of comfort, beauty and high standards when it comes to interior design too. The world’s second-largest shoe manufacturer Ecco commissioned Dissing+Weitling to create this hotel and meeting center, whilst converging the esthetic, ecologic and quality values of the company in this architectural features. Focusing on the basic guidelines of globality, sustainability and traditional craftsmanship the architects create a green innovation building with welcoming and artistic interior, where no detail is overlooked, and everything comes from strong aesthetic and heartfelt values. The undoubted sustainability foundation of the hotel lies not only in its energy efficient plan ( the whole package – geothermal heating/ cooling system, sun energy, high-quality sustainable materials ) but is also incorporated in its architectural foundation – the circular shape of the main building is not only unique and artistic whimsy but is also the best way for energy preservation.







ecco-hotel-green-wall-decor  ecco-hotel-1



bedroom-interior-ecco-hotel  ecco-hotel-bedroom-decor    ecco-hotel-interior

This responsible, towards the resources, approach continues in the creation of the interior decor and the surrounding gardens, with an eye towards the global word we live in. Representing the “four corners of the word” on the canvas of the circular floor plan the designers include art elements, textures, colors and discrete furniture details that emanate the spirit of Scandinavia, Asia, Africa and America. Similar succession follows the global spirit at the gardens where the plants and bushes are linked to their origin. The materials used reflect Ecco’s attachment and respect towards natural materials. Rubber and stave parquet are used for the flooring, wood and concrete for the walls, with great coherence the craftsmanship is presented with bespoke textures and furniture, and even the lamps at the hotel rooms are leather covered and sewn by the company employees.