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Outdoor Furniture by Patricia Urquiola


Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola has developed a family of outdoor furniture that expresses textural and visual influences from architectural facades. Light metal construction, soft lines and comfort are features that impress in this collection.




An industrial wire-frame which hearkens to the permeable facades of buildings is the basis for Kettal’s new line of outdoor furniture by Patricia Urquiola. Air and light flow through the open weave of the couch’s continuous back and arm rests or table legs to support either wood or marble tops. Wrapping a wooden seat topped with cushions, the thin metal profile is inclined outwards to offer nappers additional comfort. The voids within the rectangular grid allow visual layering of the piece’s contrasting hard and soft materials.



Mimicking the sofa’s form, a rectangular side table with two opposing panels comprised of the same metal screen bent to effortlessly enclose a table top between them. A second iteration uses the same netted pattern to form a cylindrical base with an overhanging wooden top.