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Glass Objects for Everyday Use


Finnish designer Maija Puoskari combines glass and wood to create objects for everyday use that are simple, practical and innovative.



When receiving flowers one often has just the wrong vase. The glass vase Pi-no Pi-no offers a solution to this problem with its modifiability. The height and colour of this practical and beautiful vase can be adjusted through its stackable glass rings so that one vase can work in different situations. When not in use for flowers, the vase can be turned into a container due to its wooden lid.



Liuku is a simple pendant lamp consisting of two parts: a glass shade and wooden inner part which holds a hidden light source. The shade rests freely on top of the wooden part, creating a beautiful detail where glass and wood are overlapping. Materials are Finnish alder and gradient coloured glass. Gradient colours combined to natural wood give a distinctive touch to this contemporary pendant concept. The light source is led.