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Modernistic Cube House by Nestor Sandbank


House like no other, was the desire of the owners for this commission, entrusted for design to Nestor Sandbank. The result is modernistic and unique mansion, with stylish features and contemporary – art atmosphere. The “Cube house” consist of four interconnected white modules with a rectangular shape, organized around a large courtyard that is carefully designed with contemporary furniture, art sculptures and luxuriant vegetation. This spacious garden with its water premise, impeccable design, artistic appearance and rich plant life becomes the focus for the house that surrounds it and in the center to the social life. Concrete plots frame and organize different outdoor spaces, soft siting area with bespoke coffee table and contemporary furniture, long concrete bar, at one of the edges, can host, with is contemporary chairs and appearance, a large party.






Around the water premise, with its particular design are spread ultra modern chairs, sculpted benches and eye caching sphere from stainless steel and mirror. The garden furniture its hole appearance and shape and color choices match the interior atmosphere and the basic color palette of the hole house. The artistic suggestions and devotions continue in the interior of the house and its inner architecture. Intriguing collections of contemporary art are exhibited alongside impressive corridor and staircase constructed from black metal. The main living area is spacious and comfortable – sustained in the same minimalistic color palate as the rest of the interior allowing the wonderful honey – like tonality of the wooden floors to dominate in the warm range of the color – scale. The same magnificent wooden floors fallow throughout the whole house- including through the long corridor, with its glass walls, that connects the master living area with the three undependable structures. Those white cubes host the living spaces for the sons of the family allowing them privacy with same artistic and comfortable interior as the rest of the house.




main-living-area-spacious- comfortable